Price Overview

From Mid-May to the beginning of July 2024

there will be No Everglades Tours.



For a Full description of our tours and prices, please see  Our Tour Selection!


At the moment we can only offer "Follow-Me" - Tours !


Our 4 - 5 hours tour: $95/Person.

These tours can be either with canoeing in the Everglades Mangrove,

or with wetwalking through the clear Everglades Water in a beautiful Cypress Forest plus a visit of famous Anhinga Trail.


Our 6 hours  tours: $115/Person.

Canoeing the Everglades Mangroves plus a stroll at Anhinga Trail.


Our 7 hours tour: $135/Person.

Canoeing the Everglades Mangrove, Wet Walk through the clear Everglades water in a Cypress Forest  plus a stroll at Anhinga Trail.


Nightwalks can be added to a tour for 20 Dollar/Person or

can be booked as a separate tour for $40/Person.


The Entrance fee for the Everglades National Park will be ($30/car).

Many people already got a valid 7-day-ticket or have an Annual Pass which of course can be used.

The entance ticket is good for 7 days and is also good at other Everglades NP entrances.


These are open tours. Other visitors can also book the tour.



Private Tours are calculated per person plus the price for one additional person.

We are looking forward to organizing a tour just for You, following Your interests and  needs, and to realizing Your very own and private Everglades-Adventure.





Kids of 4 - 14 years of age get a reduction! 

On all regular tours kids go for $95/Kid

Nightwalks stay at $40/child ($20 when added to a tour).


Kids under 4 years go for free!


For Kids under 10 years, regular open tours may become too long or tiring. Some kids will be okay, other not depending on each kid. 

Perhaps you would prefer a tour just for you and your kid and prefer a private tour.

Please contact us in any case, so that we can think about everything.



Overnight-Tours are calculated with $150/person and number of days plus one additional day  (for preparations, clean-up etc.).

3 Person Minimum or for less people it will be calculated as a 3-Person Tour. 



Please contact us to discuss your special situation.



Tour prices may change over time.



For tour agreements and the legal background please see:


For bookings and tour requests, please tell us

- the type of tour (Length of tour, canoeing y/n),

- the number of people (Kids?),

- the date, when you would like to go on your tour.

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