Our Tour Selection

All our Tours are very small and therefore very personal.


They are offering plenty of space for lots of fun, many questions from your side and the possibility to follow your interests und ideas for your tour.


Our Tours can be strenuous, but in general they are also fine for averagely fit older people and, of course, we can also adjust to your needs. Please contact us, when you are in doubt and tell us in advance, so that we can better plan for you.


If your group is larger than 6 people, please let us plan your Everglades-Adventure together.


For Families with Kids please see below.

For bookings and tour requests, please tell us the type of tour (Choice of Length etc., canoeing y/n), the number of people (Kids?) and the date, when you would like to go on your Tour.

On all our Tours we are bringing the Equipment:


Canoes, Paddels, Life-Jackets,

Safety-Equipment etc..

Wet Walk Staffs und Shoes, Towels. Binoculars, Maps, Information. Flashlights for the Night Walk,


 - and on Fullday Tours

some fruits and local snacks

for Lunch Time.


Maybe you would like to think about bringing a waterproof bag for your Camera. We usually have a limited number of them with us, but there is no Guarantee  for being perfectly waterproof!

Don't forget your Water und please look on our To-Bring-List which personal things you shouldn't forget (s. Button).

Our Tours

The Tours begin in Florida City/ Homestead, departing from Robert is Here


At the moment, we can only offer "Follow-Me"-Drives when going by car !!!

The exact timing and content of your tour will be chosen by your Guide on the day of  tour, in regard to the actual local conditions, the weather, animal occurance and your safety .


(The following tour prices may change over time) 


On all tours we are driving by car through the different eco-systems of the Everglades to our activities on the hiking- and canoe-trails.


There will be a knowledgeable interpretation of the Everglades, its history, its uniqueness and wildlife, which sometimes shows itself right from the road.


The possibility to experience this diversity of the Everglades is the specialty of this part of the National Park and  an important part of our Tour! 

Our Favorite : The Fullday-Tour with Canoeing.

The Best of Everything: Paddling, Hiking, Wet Walking...


We will

- go to the best places to find wildlife: Alligators, Crocodiles, Birds, Turtles, Fish and maybe some Manatees.


- wade through the crystal clear water of the Everglades in a beautiful and charming Cypress-Forest, find the Alligator-Hole, maybe also its owner, look for Owls and Snakes, see Bromeliads and Orchids.


- travel by canoe the Mangrove of the Everglades, lakes und Mangrove-tunnels, there where the freshwatermeets the Saltwater. 


- reach  in Flamingo - the little quiet marina at the end of the main road through the Park - the wide, shallow Florida Bay and with it the Sea,  where we can watch birds, Crocodiles und maybe the Manatees  (but unfortunately no Flamingos anymore!!).


price:  $ 155/p.





Hikings and Wet Walks.

On dry foot or through clear Everglades water.


Learn to know the unique property of the Everglades in a very direct way.

Everglades, the River of Grass, whose always changing water situation throughout the year, is making the specialty of this ecosystem.


Is the land only a few inches higher, and we will walk dry footed through a

Pine Forest or a tropical Hammock (broad leaved forest).


Is the land a few inches lower, and we are wading through  

the wide Sawgrass-Prairie and the flooded Swamp Cypress Forest with

 - at least in winter - many different animals, owls, maybe a snake, and the  Alligators in their "Alligator-Hole".


Or we have a Slough, comparable with a shallow creek/river bed , with a lot of Water and many animals, like for example at the famous Anhinga Trail which we will walk on a firm trail or board walk.



 Diverse shorter and longer trails will show us the diversity of the Everglades.

The number of animals and the water level are strongly reduced towards the end of dry-season.  The Cypress-Forest  can also loose its water at the end of dry-season, but the beauty and the specialties of the different ecosystems will stay. 


You can choose between 4-5 hours and 6 or 7 hours Tours - and also, if you

like to explore the Everglades with or without a Wet Walk

(the Wet Walk usually creates most of the excitement

on our tours and it is not at all unpleasant !! ).


Hiking/Wet Walk : 4-5 hours:  $ 95/p. 

                                      6 hours: $115  or 7 hours-tours :  $ 135 /p.  





Canoe Tours

Through Marsh, Mangrove and Florida Bay!


The unusually extensive Mangrove, that develops at the end of the Everglades with the gradually incoming Saltwater, offers a variety of  Canoe Trails with Mangrove-Tunnels, Mangrove-Canals and open water areas.


Fish, Birds, Alligators und maybe a Crocodile, Bromeliads, Orchids and carniverous plants. What we will find depends strongly on the season!  


A specialty here is the landscape made from small Mangrove-Trees in the transition zone from Grass-Marshland to the great Mangrove.


Furthermore we can paddle in the open water of large, shallow  Florida Bay,

and there we can watch birds feeding on the open flats at low water, or maybe some Dolphins, Sharks, Manatees or Sea Turtles in the little bit deeper areas.

The Mangrove around Flamingo is also home to some great Crocodiles.



4-5 hours - Everglades  Tour with canoeing

usually include a longer Paddeltour through the Everglades Mangrove  

 95 /p.


 7 hours - Everglades-Tour with canoeing in the Everglades Mangrove

and in Florida Bay


$ 135 /p.






Erkunden Sie die Everglades auf eine ganz besondere Weise.


Everglades awakes in the darkness!

Listen to the the different sounds of frogs, crickets and cicadas.

Search with a flashlight for Alligators, whose eyes are reflecting the light in a red glow. Also other animals may appear in the light.


The sky shows an amazing number of stars in the unusually dark, nightly Everglades.



Mosquitoes may appear also in winter nights, but are generally very intensive in summer and even more in summer nights. Therefore and because of the smaller number of animals in summer, Night Walks are usually not made in this time of the year. Anyway, they are possible on request.


The begin of the tour obviously depends on the time of sunset.

Of course, we would like to have it dark on our Night Walk.

Therefore the departure changes through the year.



This is a tour that usually creates a lot of fun for kids!


Duration  2.5 hours :  $ 40 / p.

Added to another tour: $20/ p.




Special Tours


From Sunrise Tours  to Sunset Tours and Fullmoon Tours!

Canoe Trips or Hikings.

Or other unusual tours,

after your own ideas  and also for your personal events.


Duration about 5 hours.


Price: $125/p. with a 4 Person Minimum

(with less people you may pay for 4 persons)



Of course, you can also arrange special Fullday-Tour 

with a customized program especially for you.


The price will be $160/p. with a 4 Person Minimum 

(with less people the price will be for 4 persons). 




Overnight-Tours in the Everglades

Paddling and Camping in the Mangrove and Florida Bay


There are 3 different possibilities to stay over night in the "Back Country" of the Everglades after a beautiful day of paddling through the extensive

Mangrove tunnels, rivers and lakes or Florida Bay:


Ground Campsites in the Mangrove,

as well as such on the sandy beaches of Florida Bay,

and the especially comfortable Chickees, the wooden platforms with a roof,

that are standing freely in the water

and that are named after the open houses of the Native Americans.



An important advantage of the Chickees is the much lower number of Mosquitoes, which can be very numerous on the other two sites, additionally to the very tiny, biting Sand-Flies /No-see-ums on beach campsites!

Both animals are worst in the rainy season. 


Therefore we try to stay on a Chickee. There are also many other advantages, last but not least, that there are no animal visitors in the night (e.g. racoons).

All the water has to be brought, there is no running water!

In general there is a simple out-house . 


All overnight stays in the Back Country come with the problem, that one cannot book the sites for a longer time in advance.

This means, that one cannot always get the favored site, but has to switch to another one, when signing in for a site with the Rangers. 

Nobody can change that, but usually we can get one of the sites we are looking for. Your Guide will see for that at the earliest possible moment and will get a permit in Flamingo.


The number of people is generally limited to 2 small groups (each 4-6 people), therefore the sites can fill up over high season. Please bring a day or two additionally, so that we can be flexible, just in case.


 The Equipment is provided by us and you can also look forward to some wonderful freshly prepared meals !


If you like, you can bring your own sleeping bag und mattress, of course, but please keep your personal things small, since we have to get everything into waterproof bags and the canoes.



Tour price:


The basis  is $150/p and day,

with a 3 person minimum pay.

For the preparations, oganization, the clean-up afterwords of equipment and the overnight stay of the guide, an additional day will be calculated. 


That means that for an overnight tour with 1night/2days there will be charged:

3 x $150/p = $ 450/p .

(For longer trips you add the price for the additional number of days)



There will be no additional costs.  Campsite-permits, meals etc. are all inclusive!


Alcoholic beverages are not included.  In regard to the food, please tell us in advance if there are special needs, wishes or limitations.

Please let us also know if there are medical concerns that we should know about (e.g. allergies!)




Families and Kids!

Kids are very welcome!


 Kids are exploring and experiencing their surroundings in a different way, often much more intensive than adults and often need for this much more time.

Furthermore they are tiring faster and loosing their patience in a shorter time.


Generally you can say, that the tours and especially the Fullday-Tours are ok for Kids from around 12 years of age onwards .

This is also depending on individual differences and

outdoor- and paddle-experiences of the kid.

Please discuss your special situation with us!


For much younger Kids it is definitely a good idea to organize a private and  customed tour in regards to the interests and needs of the kids.

Canoe trips can also be done with younger Kids!

Please contact us to discuss to discuss the situation.


Kids reductions for Kids 4 to 14 years of age !

All tours for $95/kid


Kids under 4 years are going for free !


Private Tours are calculated with the price for one additional person.

For bookings and tour requests, please tell us  

the type of the tour (duration, canoe trip  y/n), the number of people

(how many kids, age?)

and the date, when you would like to go on the tour.

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